Once a customer places an order in your Store, you receive an automatic notification email about this activity (learn how to manage the automatic notification emails here, and you can see all updates showing the number of pending orders you have in My Store > Orders. When you enter your Orders, you will see this basic information about every order:

Keeping track of your customers’ orders

Go to your Control Panel > Orders > You will see all orders made on your online store

Order #
This is the Order ID (example Order #1) and it is automatically configured.

This is the name of the Customer, who placed the order and information about the number of his orders.

The City and Country are listed for the Order

This is the exact date and time of placing the Order in your Store.

This field signifies the delivery method.

Here you can see the Date and the delivery note for each successful order

Order Status
Every new Order starts its process with a Payment Status of Pending, which changes either automatically or manually (depends on the payment method chosen by the Customer).

This is the total price of the Order.

You can control which Orders you want to be shown by the Filters on the top of this page. (check this article to read more about managing Filters.)

Managing the status of the Orders

As a Manager (Administrator/Moderator) of your Store, you will easily deal and process your Orders by entering each of them. When you click on a particular order you would be taken to a different menu inside.

On the top of the order, you would see it's Status. Every new Order comes with status Pending, which changes in according to the status of the order.

As mentioned, when an order comes in, it has a status: Pending
When it a client pays, it has a status: Paid
Then if you are using the CloudCart Professional Plan the order would become automatically Fulfilled

You can find Additional information about the order, in the sidebars:

Completing an Order

Follow the listed steps in order to complete the order:

Click Fulfill products

You have the option to either Deliver to an address or set the order to be picked up at an office for a Provider of your choice.

Fill in the desired settings in accordance with your choices.

Hit Recalculate, then Generate the Bill and you are all done! You have successfully completed an order.

When an order has been Fulfilled, it will look like this:

You can check the delivery receipt by clicking on Print.

From the top right corner of the Order menu, you can click on View Invoice or Print the Order.

A successfully placed an order is every order in which the Customers reach the last step of the checkout and click Cancel payment or Pay order. All these orders you can see in My Store > Orders.

Sometimes the Customers, under certain circumstances, do not reach the last step, but if they filled their contact details, even as Guests of your Store, you can see their orders in My Store > Abandoned. See here how to manage the Abandoned Orders.