In this article, you’ll learn what exactly the section Abandoned orders mean and how to manage the orders which are kept in this section.

What are abandoned orders?

Sometimes it may happen that Customers do not make it all the way through in placing an order. Anytime a potential customer provides their contact information but doesn’t complete the order, you can see and track his order in My Store > Abandoned.

When you enter your Abandoned Orders, you will see this basic information about every order:

Abandoned #
This is the Abandoned ID (e.g. Abandoned #1) and it is automatically configured.

This is the name of the Customer, who abandoned the order and information about the number of his orders.

The Product(s) which were selected by the Customer.

The total quantity of the Products in the Abandoned order.

Date last updated
This is the exact date and time of placing the Order in your Store and after editing it here will be shown the last date and time when you updated the order.

This is the total price of the Order.

You can control which Orders you want to be shown by the Filters on the top of this page. (see more about managing Filters here.)

When you enter each order, you can see detailed information about the customer and his order. We offer you a quick and easy way to remind your Customer about this order by sending him a restore link to his order. There are two different ways to do this. While you are in My Store > Abandoned, you can:

Click the checkbox next to the order to mark the order, click Tools and choose to send restore the link.
Enter the order and click send the restore link.

Note: You can send only one email per customer per day. This means that even if you try to send a customer the same email for a second time during one day, you will receive an error message that this is not possible.
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