Installing the Etsy Store App will help you market your products to another market. Etsy is the most popular e-commerce site for creative products and handcrafted products that follows the tradition of outdoor craft fairs. Link your Etsy account to your store by following the easy steps provided in this article. You can read more about Etsy on their official site here.

How do I install Etsy?

Go into your admin panel > Apps > All Apps > Sale on Etsy > Install

Continue with the Connect your CloudCart store with Etsy button to enter your Etsy login and then click Allow Access in order to allow access to your account and start with the basic settings in your store panel.

After allowing access and setting up your shop in Etsy, use the drop-down menus to select:

an Etsy shop to connect to your online store
the products are manufactured by
choose to sync by price, quantity, or both, or not to sync. With sync active, prices and / or quantities in both stores will be leveled once a week.
check the box if your products require delivery
choose your shipping method and year of production
check the box for Active status and Save

Once you have the basic settings ready, you can change them anytime with the Configure button in the upper right corner of the control panel.

Once your store is linked to your Etsy account, you can start uploading products from Etsy to the store or from the store to Etsy.

In the Save listings from Etsy you can see all the products in your account there, for which it is enough to select a category and you can add to your store with the Add Product button in the store in the order of each of the products.

In the Synchronized Products section, you see all products that are already in your store uploaded by your Etsy account to your store, as well as all products that you added to Etsy after they were first created in your store.

To upload a product from your store to Etsy, click Upload listing in Etsy in the top right hand corner and fill in the product and category you need to upload to Etsy as show below. Then click Submit and you are all set!