PayPal is an American company that allows individuals and businesses to receive payments online. PayPal provides a collection of APIs that meet the needs of all types of businesses.

Configuring PayPal

Go into your control panel > Settings > Payment Methods > PayPal > then click on Configure.

Into the menus, you would see the following settings, that need to be configured:

Fill out your PayPal email account here - all your incoming transfers will be transferred to the PayPal account associated with this email. It is recommended that you place a PayPal business account

Test mode
PayPal provides the ability to enter a test environment in which to simulate transactions and check how the system works before you start actually receiving transfers.

If you opt in this option, your store will start accepting credit card payments (via PayPal) from all of your customers.

Need help with setting up a PayPal Account?

If you need further information or assistance regarding your PayPal account, please consult the PayPal Technical Support Center.