CloudCart allows the grouping of countries into Geo Zones (regions) regardless of their geographic location. This helps you to easily set up discounts, taxes, special offers and shipping methods according, in accordance with your marketing strategy.

Creating Geo Zones

When creating your store, you do not have any geographic areas yet. Through these geographic areas, you can define cities or countries where your online store will operate. By default, if you have not added any geographic area, it is possible in your online store to place an order worldwide.

If you want to limit your store supplies and can only be ordered to specially defined countries or even cities, CloudCart allows you to add geographic areas.

For example, you want to have a special shipping method to be used only for customers who order in London, England. Then you can add a geo zone named England and define that only the city of London enters this area. Once you have created a geo zone, you need to set in the delivery method that it works for this geo zone. This will limit all customers outside of London.

The newly created regions appear in a list, where you can reorder, delete or edit them.

Creating subregions

Global identifies the main region for each of the regions that contain sub-regions.

You can change the regional settings of your store in Settings >> General:

Store address 
Enter your business address, by using the available text fields: Country, City, Street, Postal code, and Phone.
Standards and formats 
The section where you set the Timezone, the Unit system, the Date format, the Time format and the Currency.
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