We at CloudCart understand the importance of personalization, that is why we have added the New feature "Product Options". It will allow you to add additional options to your products so the customer would have the possibility to choose an alternative.

The options you would be able to add

The clients would be able to add their own options to the products
The clients can upload their own file
The clients can choose an option from a drop-down menu
The clients can choose an option from the radio button
The clients can choose the best option for their situation

Example: If you want to add special engravings on a chair, you can add that through the Product Options and charge additional funds for the special addon.

How can I add product options?

Go into Apps and install the Product Option App accordingly.

In your control panel > Products > Product options > Add new product option

You would see the following menu, which you would need to fill in, so the Option is created:

Fill in the straightforward settings within and click Save.

If you choose your option type to be one of the first three options, you would need to specify an Option value name

Example: I am adding a "varnished" option for my Garden Walnut Chair, since it's an outdoor one. That will increase the overall cost of the chair by 50BGN. You can see the setup below:

You can see, how that plays out on the live website:

Please don't hesitate to read more about the Product section here
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