Working with my existing customers

Working with your existing Customers

Customers are all the users that can be potential buyers of your products. Being able to monitor and maintain your customers provides you not only details on how to improve their experience but also means to expand your store by targeting your products and sales. Customers can also “add themselves” to your store by registering their accounts directly on your storefront. All your customers can be seen on the customer listing.
You can select each of your customers by check-marking the left box on each customer and then pressing the Tools button, allowing you to:

  • ban this customer
    allows you to ban this customer, blocking him/her from ordering products from your store
  • remove ban
    removes a previously set ban on a customer
  • delete
    deletes the customer from your store
  • tag
    adds a tag (label) to this customer
  • change customer group
    changes the customer group assigned to this customer

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