Translations – Localizing the text of your store

Localizing the text of your store

Your store (product pages, checkout, email communications, etc.) can be in any language you desire; to achieve this we have included a functionality which allows you to localize (translate) all your store text fields.

Changing default text of your store field texts
1) To be able to change a text field from your store, access Storefront >> Translations
2) Select the label and text field you are looking to localize and edit the Translation text box. This is what is going to be displayed in your store. Remember you can use the filtering bar on the top of the page to quickly find the text you are looking for.

3) You can then activate these localizations fields by toggling the Turn on storefront translations switch.

Changing default names of your order statuses


Using our CloudCart services allows you to control and configure even the smallest detail in your online store. When your customers place an order, you receive Notification for every status that the order takes while you are processing it. You and your customers see the statuses of the orders in default names.
For example: “Pending” – stands for an order which is just placed by the customer and not yet processed by you; “Completed” – stands for an order which is already paid and fulfilled. If you’d like to edit those names you could simply follow the steps below:

1) To be able to change names of the order statuses, access Storefront >> Translations
2) Click Statuses and select the name of the status you would like to change.
3) In the empty field under the section “New status name” type the desired name for the status name you would like to change.
4) Click Save



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