How to create and manage product variations

The possibilities of sorting and arranging your products and your filters are getting more and more. We are happy to inform you about the new features and tools you  can use at your control panel and especially at Products section.

Creating product parameters

  1. Enter the Products>> Parameters
    section of your control panel. Here you will see set by default parameters that you are able to edit. You can also click on Add new parameter and create more parameters.
  2. Write the name of the parameter in field Name and choose the Type from the drop-down menu to select the way you would like your variations to be visualized.

    Select option – this type will sort the values of the parameter in a drop-down menu.
    Radio button
    – this type will sort the values of the parameter as radio buttons.
    Image sample – you can add different images for each value of the parameter. You can use this type if your product variations are from different kind of material, etc.
    Color sample – this type of parameter will visualize all the values as color samples. You can select the correct color or write its html code for each value.
  3. From Products section, enter the product that has parameters and choose all the parameters and values available for that product.

Edit and manage parameters

In section Products >> Parameters you are always able to create more parameters or edit the existing

  • name of parameter – click on the name to edit it
  • type  – lick on the name to edit it

  • parameter values – click on ”Option values” to edit the existing values
  • sorting of values and parameters – click on ”Enable drag & drop sorting”, to reorder the existing parameters and all of their values.

Enable products variations as filters at your product listing

You can create parameters and values for your products and then enable them as filters in your product listing. This option will allow your customers to precisely filter the products they are looking for and easily find them at your online store.

In order to enable this option, you should simply

  1. Enter your control panel at section My store >> Widgets and find section Product Filters
  2. Mark “Variants” and save the widget.

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