Managing your Store General Settings

 Managing your Store General Settings

Before you start selling products online, you need to make sure that the basic settings of your store are correct. To manage them, go to the sidebar menu and select Settings >> General.

Here, you have six main sections that allow you to perform basic customization:


  • Store branding
    In this section, you upload the Store logo and the Store favicon (website favourite icon). The logo gives identity to your company while the favicon raises brand awareness and improves user experience.
  • Store details 
    Here, you enter the Email to be used for communication with your customers; the Store name, which appears in the title tag; Threshold value that will trigger an email notification once the quantity of a tracked product goes below it; Footer Copyright text which you can change entering the field below; Show quick preview of products enables your customers to see the details of a product while they are still on the main listing. If you disable this option, clicking on a product will open a new page with product details.
  • Orders
    Sometimes customers don’t finalize their orders and you can see each of these orders in section Orders >> Abandoned. You can activate the option Automatic reminder for abandoned orders and every time a customer don’t finalize his order, after an hour he will be notified about this abandoned order by an e-mail with a link to the order.


  • Store address 
    The information that you are filling here will be visible on the Invoices of your Store. Enter your company or business name, MOL, UIC and fill the Store address by using the available text fields: Country, City, Address, Postal code, and Phone.
  • Standards and formats 
    The section where you set the Timezone, the Unit system, the Date format, the Time format and the Currency.


  • Maintenance 
    Gives you the ability to close your store for maintenance.
    To do this, toggle the Maintenance Enabled button checked and enter a short message for your customers in the Maintenance reason text field. You can also allow the access only to specific users, by adding their IPs (separated by commas) in the text field under Maintenance IP list.
  • Customer account settings 
    Here, you will find two drop-down menus.
    The first is called Checkout customer access and lets you decide who can purchase products in your store. The options are Guest, Member or Both. The other drop-down menu in this section is Verify customer accounts, and it enables you to prevent registered users, who have not confirmed their email, from making purchases.




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