Is it possible to add multiple promo codes used in one order?

CloudCart offers you different ways and tools to develop your online business. Creating different type of discounts for your products is an important part of your marketing strategy and customer care.

At the Discount section, you can find the options to create global discounts, discounts with promo codes so as discounts with multiple promo codes – container. This type of discount will be useful for you if you’d like to provide your customers with multiple promo codes which they could group in one order.

1. Enter the Discount section and click on Add discount on the top right corner of your page

2. Enter the name of the discount – note that it will be visible only for you



3. On the discount type field, you should enter the percentage of the discount you would like to add. For example, you can enter 30% discount that would be applicable in one order.

4. From the drop-down menu on Discount target section you can choose if the discount would be applicable for a product, group of products, categories, etc.



5. On Regions and Customer Groups sections you should select if the discount would be applicable for all or specific regions and customer groups.

6. Please, don’t forget to set the start and the end date for the discount using the Date range section.

7. After all the details are set, you should save the changes and enter the main section with your discounts. You will then see a button Promo code management.



On the image above you can see the created discount which in this case is 30% of a specific product. In order this discount to be applicable for your customers, you should provide them several promo codes which they can use to reach the main 30% discount for the product. You can set the percentage and the amount of promo codes you would like to create using the button for management the promo codes and clicking on Generate Code 



  1. Use the first field to type a value of the percentage that each of the codes will apply when inserted into the order
  2. Use the second field to enter the amount of the promo codes that you would like to create and make applicable for this discount

When you successfully set the options and complete all the steps described above, you will be able to open the main discount and see all the generated promo codes which will be ready to be applied by your happy customers.


You can provide your customers with a specific amount of these codes as a gift after their first order, or a gift after participating a facebook game, etc. The main idea of this type of discount it to make your customer order more to get each of the codes so that they could use another discount. In the case and images described above, the customers in our online store will be able to get 30% discount of the product if they collect 3 of the promo codes that apply 10% discount.

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