How should I process my orders?

Keeping track of your customers’ orders

Once a customer places an order in your Store, you receive an automatic notification email about this activity (learn how to manage the automatic notification emails here), and you can see all updates showing the number of pending orders you have in My Store >> Orders. When you enter your Orders, you will see this basic information about every order:

  • Order #
    This is the Order ID (e.g. Order #1) and it is automatically configured.
  • Date
    This is the exact date and time of placing the Order in your Store.
  • Customer
    This is the name of the Customer, who placed the order and information about the number of his orders.
  • Order Status
    Every new Order starts its process with a Payment Status of Pending, which changes either automatically or manually (depends on the payment method chosen by the Customer).
  • Fulfillment Status
    Every new order starts its process with a  Fulfillment Status of Not fulfilled and changes after you manually process it.
  • Total
    This is the total price of the Order.


You can control which Orders you want to be shown by the Filters on the top of this page. (see more about managing Filters here.)

Managing the status of the Orders

As a Manager (Administrator/Moderator) of your Store, you will easily deal and process your Orders by entering each of them. The two statuses, which you will work with, are the Order Status and the Fulfillment Status. When you enter a single Order, you will see these orders’ additional information:

  • Shipping address
    The address where the Customer wants to receive his Order.
  • Status
    This is the Fulfillment Status. Every new Order comes with status Not fulfilled and needs to be changed manually. When the payment status is Paid (Processed), you will see the button Fulfill products.
    1) Click Fulfill products
    2) Click the checkbox next to every item from the Order that can be shipped.
    3) Click the toggle on the right side if you want to automatically send a notification email to your Customer that his Order will be shipped.
    4) Click Fulfill Products.
    The Status will change to Fulfilled.


  • Name
    The Name of the Products selected from the Customer.
  • View details button
    Clicking the button will show you the details about the Products selected by your Customer. (e.g. category, brand, weight)
  • QTY
    This is the Quantity of the items that the Customer ordered and the Quantity of the items that you have in your Store. (e.g. 1/25 – this means that the Customer ordered 1 item of this Product and you have 25 items of this Product in your Store.)
  • UNIT Price
    This is the basic price that you set for this Product.
  • Total
    This is the total price for the Order.
  • View More button
    This is the button situated next to the Total Price of the Order. Clicking it will open a new window where you can see additional information about the payment method and the Payment Status. Here you can manually change the Payment Status of the Order:
    1) Click View more button.
    2) Click the options button situated between the payment Provider and the Status of the payment.
    Select Synchronize to connect with the Provider and update the Status or Cancel to refuse the payment.
    A new window with a confirmation message will pop-up.
    The payment Status will change depending on your choice in the previous step.


A successfully placed order is every order in which the Customers reach the last step of the checkout and click Cancel payment or Pay order. All these orders you can see in My Store >> Orders. Sometimes the Customers, under certain circumstances, do not reach the last step, but if they filled their contact details, even as Guests of your Store, you can see their orders in My Store >> Abandoned. See how to manage the Abandoned Orders here.


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