How do I set up shipping methods?

 Setting up shipping methods

Once you have your store set up with your appropriate range of products you have to decide which delivery options you can offer to your customers. You can add shipping options either Price based or Weight based.

Price based
The shipping price is based on the total price of the items being purchased. The price may go either up or down as the total price of the order increases, but the price tiers are defined by the price of the order.

Weight based
The shipping price is based on the total weight of the products ordered.

1) Click the Add Shipping Provider button in the upper right corner of the page.
2) From the pop-up window that appears, select the shipping rate type that you want to apply:

  • Depending on price – the shipping provider rates depend on the order subtotal.
  • Depending on weight – the shipping provider rates depend on the total weight of the order.


A new pop-up window with the name Edit shipping rates appears.
3) Enter the Name and the Description of the shipping provider.
4) Enter the insurance percentage allowed by the shipping provider.
5) Add the Shipping provider logo by uploading a local image file.
6) Select the regions that you want this shipping method to be applicable to:

  • you can either apply the method globally, by toggling the selection button to Global;
  • or set it up for specific regions from the ones that you have already created.

7) Add shipping rates for all price or weight ranges of the order.

Note: If the last rate for one provider is set to a specific amount (e.g. From $500 to $1000 the price is $5) this shipping provider will not be visible for customers whose cart is with more than $1000 amount.
shipping18) Click Submit.


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