How do I change and manage notifications content?

Working with notifications text

As mentioned in Notifications – Getting notified for everything that happens in your store, we offer the facility to customize the text for each notification (alert) sent to your Customers.
Notification messages text format
Plain Text
This format allows you to send notifications in plain text, without graphics or any specific styling on your text. You can easily use our template messages or type the text by yourself by:

1) Disable the option Send notifications as HTML by clicking the toggle on the left side.
2) Enter in the message that you would like to change and edit it.
3) To Save changes, click Submit

Variables legend
You can use variables for both plain and HTML messages. The variables allow you to write any field that will vary on each message sent. You can find a legend with variables (a symbolic name associated with a value) right under the text box. The variables will help you to compose your notification email. When the email is sent, those variables will be replaced with their actual values. (e.g. “{$shop_name}” will be replaced with your Store name.)

Required: “{$customer_first_name}” – Your customer first name
Required: “{$customer_last_name}” – Your customer last name
Optional: “{$customer_email}” – Your customer email
Optional: “{$customer_message}” – Text content of your message
Optional: “{$shop_url}” – Your store site address
Required: “{$shop_name}” – Your store name




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