How do I add and manage my online store taxes?

Adding and managing taxes

With CloudCart, you can setup taxes both globally and for each country or region that you are selling your goods in. To set up a tax for a specific region, first, you need to create the new region in Settings >> Regions.
Adding a tax
1) Go to Settings >> Taxes.
2) Toggle the Prices Include VAT button to checked if you want the VAT to be included as a percentage of the product price or toggle it unchecked if you would like the VAT to be added to the price of the product at checkout.
taxes13) Click Add Tax.
4) In the pop-up window that appears, enter the name of the tax (e.g. VAT, Service tax) and a short description, which will be visible to your customers.
5) Select percent if you want the tax to be calculated as a percent of the product price or flat if the tax is a constant amount. Then, enter the exact percent or amount in the Rate section of the pop-up window.
6) Decide whether the tax applies to companies or not, by toggling the Apply To Companies button to checked or unchecked.
7) Check Country Tax if you want to mark this tax as your Country tax. (e.g. VAT – This is used in most European countries) and selecting this together with the Prices Include VAT on this screen makes all your store prices include VAT on the shown value.
8) Select Calculate tax before shipping costs or Calculate tax after shipping costs according to the specifics of the tax that you are adding.
9) Finally, select the regions you want this tax to be applicable to, by choosing a country from the list or toggling the selection button with Make it Global. Click Submit.


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