How do I add and manage customer data?

 Adding a Customer

Customers are all the users that can be potential buyers of your products. Being able to monitor and maintain your customers provides you not only details on how to improve their experience but also means to expand your store by targeting your products and sales. You can manually add and maintain your customers from the Customers menu. Customers can also “add themselves” to your store by registering their accounts directly on your storefront.

Manually Adding a Customer

1) Click on Add New Customer on the right top of the screen.
2) Fill all input boxes with the information required:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Email
  • Password

3) The following options are available for your Customer:

  • Customer Note: You can write an additional information/comment for a customer, which will be visible only for you.
  • Customer Group: If you didn’t add a Customer Group yet, you should set the option Default.


Banning a Customer

If you have bad experience with any Customers you can quickly limit their access to your store by restricting their account through a Ban:

1) Go to Settings >> Customer.
Enter a Customer account.
3) Click Ban Customer on the right top of the page.
4) Fill the input box with the reason for the Ban (text will be visible for the Customer).

Be careful filling the reason for the Ban, because the customer will receive an automatic email with the information that you banned his account and the reason that you filled in the input box.

5) Alternatively, you can also ban a customer from the Settings >> Customer listing by selecting the checkbox on the left of the customers you want to ban, pressing Tools and then selecting “ban this customer






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