How can I use the data on the Dashboard?

Your store dashboard


It is important to keep an eye on your store. Being able to quickly monitor your customers, orders and sales is one of the most important things to increase your business and revenue. The dashboard gives you a direct view on all the important store activity that you need to keep track in order to provide you the tools to quickly act upon each situation.
The quick overviewdash1

  • New Orders
    On New Orders you will find all orders that have not been Completed. This means you need to keep track of these, as you probably have to take action on it.
  • Abandoned Orders
    Sometimes a customer who adds something to a cart gives up on the ordering process and doesn’t complete the checkout process. On any order where the potential customer provides their contact information but doesn’t complete the order CloudCart considers this an Abandoned Order.
  • Out of Stock
    On Out of Stock you can track your inventory and verify which products you need to replace on stock, as your customers won’t be able to buy them anymore.
  • Total Customers
    The total number of customers you have on your store.

Sales tracking
On sales tracking you can follow up how your store is doing sales wise. The charts (both charts and pie) are interactive – this means you can click on specific dates, values or categories and have a full drill down on the details of each selection.

You can change the date range of the charts by pressing the dropdow selector on the top right of the chart. This will allow you to select special or custom date ranges from the calendar selector.

Pie Charts
You can also display pie charts based on order status, categorycountry, customer group and brand.


Top rankings
Being able to quickly see your top selling products and your top customers allows you to act on marketing strategies and customer preferential plans. Pressing the View Report will display further details on each specific are (product and customers).

Google analytics

dash3Google Analytics enables you to track the visitors to your store, and generates reports that will help you with your marketing. The information you can see on this area is retrieved from your Google Analytics account at Google. CloudCart just displays the data, it does not collect it.

You can get more detailed information about your store activity by navigating to the Report section on the Administration Panel.

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