How can I set Unicredit Consumer Financing?

UniCredit Consumer Financing is a payment method which you can easily activate for your online store so that your customer could pay your products on leasing.

All you need to configure this payment method is to contact an UniCredit Bulbank agent and create an agreement with the institution.

After you already have a contract with UniCredit Consumer Financing, you should enter your control panel at section Payments >> UniCredit Consumer Financing and click on Configure button.


Please, fill the empty fields with the data needed:

  1. Email – Your customers’ requests for payment on leasing will be sent on this email, provided by UniCredit
  2. Numbers agreement – This is your contract/agreement number with UniCredit Consumer Financing
  3. Minimum period – You must enter a minimum period of the leasing payment. The standard start period is minimum 3 months.
  4. Stepwise interval – You can offer your customers to pay in different stepping interval in months.
  5. Maximum period – Type the maximum period in which your customers would be able to pay the ordered products.



In the text field from the image above, you should type the text which will be visualized after every successfully placed with this payment method order.

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