How can I enable as a payment method? is one of the biggest payment processors in Bulgaria. is a payment processor who lets you pay or get paid via credit, debit cards or micro account. accepts Euros, US Dollars and Bulgarian levs and with so many Bulgarian users will bring your store a step closer to them.

Configuring on your store
To configure on your store, you need to fill the following fields:

  • KIN
    This is your ePay client number (KIN)
  • Secret
    This is your ePay secret.
  • Test mode
    Use test mode to test your connection. Live mode is for the actual payment processing. Use live mode when you have verified your credentials.
  • Active?
    If enabled (toggled to the right, showing in blue) your store will accept payments with credit card (processed by for your end customers.

After configuring the options above, you must log in to your ePay account and type this URL in the required field of our merchant account details.


Getting additional support

If you need any further support or help regarding your PayPal account and process, please consult the Customer Support Center.

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