How can I enable eBay as a sales channel?

Integration with eBay


The CloudCart integration with eBay can push products from your store to eBay’s listings, and receive order information from eBay for those products. Setting up the integration with eBay involves creating an eBay account. This allows you to link eBay with third parties.

Note: You should have a PayPal account activated in your Payment Settings so that you could successfully enable your eBay integration.

After you already created an eBay account, you should simply follow these steps:
1) Go to Settings >> Sales Channels
 Use the dropdown menu under eBay site to choose the eBay site in which you’ve made your account
Click on eBay Enable Channel button

4) You will be then asked for your credentials in your eBay account and after filling that, you will be already connected!

Note: Please consider that if you are a brand new registered customer on eBay, you must be qualified as a “seller” before you map your CloudCart store’s products with eBay. eBay will give you the status of a “seller” if you already have listed at least one product on your eBay account and you may then continue with the instructions bellow.

Now there are few configurations to be set:
5) Click on eBay Preferences button and choose:

  • Categories
    Choose the categories you would like to map with your eBay account.
    Have in mind that eBay has its own names for categories and subcategories and strictly choose which eBay category represents the products from your Store categories the most.
  • Shipping Method
    Choose a shipping method (you will see the shipping methods available on eBay)
  • Cost
    Set the cost of the shipping provider
  • Additional item cost
    If you have additional price for more than certain items ordered by your customers, you should fill it here

6) Click Add shipping method and now the configuration is done

Note: Please, have in mind that eBay has its rules for listing your products. Before you map your categories to those in eBay, make sure that all of your products have this information set:

  • Price 
  • Description
  • Quantity

If you hadn’t set the product information above, eBay will not let you list your products and you will receive this error right on the eBay Sales Channel on your CloudCart Control Panel.


On the image above the Store is already linked with eBay and you had already saved the settings and the categories you would like to map with eBay, but unfortunately there are some details missing from your products’ information. You should just click on Show errors button and follow the steps to fill the required by eBay information.

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