How can I create articles for my Blog section?

Creating an Article

Blog Articles are the actual content of your blog. Each article you publish should transmit a message to your audience.
Adding a new Article
1) In the sidebar menu, go to Blog >> Articles.
Click the Add New Article, situated in the upper right corner of the page.
Note: To avoid losing your work, make sure that you write your article in advance and store it in a backup file.
In the Title field, enter the title of the article. This will automatically fill the URL handler on the right (the address of the article).
4) Enter the text of your article in the Content box and apply all the necessary formatting, using the available options.
5) Assign an author to the article, using the Author drop-down menu.
6) Assign the article to a parent blog, choosing from the Blog drop-down menu.
7) Add an image to the article by clicking the Select File button.
8) Enter an SEO title and an SEO description in the respective text fields in the bottom right corner of the page.
9) Use the Tags box to assign tags to the article and link it to articles with related content.

Deleting and unpublishing an Article
1) Select the check-box next to the name of the article and click the Tools button.

  • To delete the article, click delete.
  • To unpublish the article, click deactivate.
  • To publish an article that has been previously deactivated, click activate.




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