How can I create and manage product categories at my store?

 Adding a Category

A category is a simple way of organizing and grouping your products. A good organized, easily accessible store is the key to attract customers and sell more products.

Write the name of your Category in the input box under Name. Writing the Category Name will automatically fill the URL handle (the site address) on the right side of the screen.

2) Write a Description for your Category so that your Customers can have detailed information about it. The description text can be configured with styles, different fonts, different formats, etc.

3) Write the SEO title of the Category in the input box under SEO Title.

4) Write the SEO description of the Category in the input box.

5) In Parent Category, you have the option to add the current Category to a Parent Category in which your current will be within.

6) Upload an Image of your Category, clicking on Select file and press Submit.


Adding Category Properties

Going to My Store >> Categories allows you to create easily, reorder, add content to categories and sort them. Category properties are very useful when you have a big amount of goods which you want to arrange and sort by different types of categories. Creating Category Properties allows your customers to filter quickly the exact properties and values of the products they are searching for.

For example, if you have a big amount of Headphones, it will be better for your customers to be able to choose their type, color, and other options. In this case, you need to create the properties type, color, and other options so as their values:

1) Go to My Store >> Categories and find the Category you would like to add properties to.


2) Click on Properties and add the information needed in the opened popup.


  • Property – here you should type the name of the Property, e.g., Type, Color, Other options
  • Values – for each property you should type the name of its value, e.g. if the category is Headphones, the values of property Type could be in-ear, over-ear, on-ear


3) Click Submit and now you will be able to add the exact category property to the exact products that the property stands for.


Organizing Categories

Going to My Store >> Categories allows you to:

1) Easily Arrange all Categories by:

  • Order
    Reorder each Category by dragging (drag and drop) to the place wanted.
  • Place
    Move each Category to a different Parent Category by dragging into the Category wanted.

2) Quickly Review the number of your Subcategories and Products included in them:

  • Subcategories
    The number of your Subcategories is visible on the left side of the Parent Category name. You can click on the + sign to see the Subcategories included.
  • Products:
    The number of the products in each Category and Subcategory is visible on the right side of their names.

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