How can I connect my store with Yotpo?

Yotpo is an application which gives you the opportunity to visualize the comments and the reviews that your customer write for your products. Install Yotpo in order to allow your customer to write reviews and comment your products. Their opinion will be visualized on every product’s detailed page. Shared comments and reviews could increase your sells by winning new users trust and converting them into your loyal customers.

Creating an account in Yotpo is the only thing you need do to before installing it on your online store. Follow these steps to activate Yotpo for your online store ->

1.Enter your control panel and open the Apps section. Choose Yotpo and click on Install 

2.You need to enter your already created account at Yotpo and get the App Key and the App Secret from your account in order to paste them to your control panel. You can use the link on your control panel to check how to get the App Key and the App Secret from Yotpo or open this page. You are able to enter your Yotpo account without even leaving your control panel via the To application button.

3.Right after you paste the App Key and the App Secret to the fields at the settings, you can activate the app by turning the button ON and clicking on Save

The app is now activated and you can check how would the comments and reviews look on every product’s detailed page!

If the Drag & Drop Page Builder is included in the design template you are using, you can add Yotpo section at each landing page.

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