How can I configure and manage the user components?

 User components

General store components overview
Your storefront was initially created with a template and/or theme. Both the template and the theme control the way your store is shown and operates to your customers, both from a design and functionality perspective. Going further, CloudCart allows you not only to select from a subset of different themes but also deeply customize the theme you have selected. This is achieved by using all the options under Storefront >> Widgets, and chose which component to add, remove or configure from each of the main component categories.

Below you can see a few options and operate with them in order to further customize your store, so it can work and look like your store!

User Account

You can configure what is displayed to your customer under the User Account menu and details.

  • Orders per page
    Controls how many orders your customer will see by default on his/her customer order page.
  • Payments per page
    Controls how many payments your customer will see by default on his/her customer payment page.

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