How can I add static pages and content to my store?

 Adding content to your Storefront


CloudCart enables you to add content to you Storefront, providing your customers with additional information and interesting articles related to your products. You can use this feature to create the well known FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Adding New Static Page
Adding content via Static Pages is easily done:

1) Go to Storefront >> Static Pages.
2) Click Add New Page and Choose Regular page or FAQ pageBoth cases you must continue and fill the same fields.
3) Fill the Name of your Static Page in the input box on the left. Writing the Static Page name will automatically fill the URL handle (the site address) on the right side of the screen.
4) Fill the Content of your Static Page in the input box. In case you chose the FAQ page, type as many Questions and Answers as you wish. The Content text can be configured with styles, different fonts, different formats, etc.
5) Fill the SEO title and the SEO description in the input boxes. These are words, terms added for Search Engine Optimization for this specific Static Page.
6) Click Add New Page to save it.

Note: Your Static Page will be active, but visible only if you add a link to it from Storefront >> Navigation. Check managing your Storefront Navigation here.


Managing your Static Pages
1) Go to Storefront >> Static Pages.
То Activate a Static Page click the toggle button on the right side, to Deactivate a Static Page click the toggle button on the left side.
3) To Delete a Static Page(s) click the check-box to mark the Static Page(s) you want to take action, click Tools and choose action delete.
To Edit a Static Page, click on the Name of the page you want to edit, make the changes and click Edit.













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