How can I add multiple options for my products?

 Adding Multiple Options to your product

If you have different options or variants for a product (e.g. size, color, material), you need to create Multiple Options for your product entry. This functionality allows you, for example, to insert a shirt as an item in your store as a single product entry, but still allow the sales of the same shirt in different colors, sizes or materials.


1) To create Multiple Options for your product, make sure you press the “I have multiple options“. multiple1

You can now select a Parameter you want to provide to your product. A size, material, a color, etc.multiple2


3) You can now select the Values for each of the parameters you added. For example, if you choose the size as a parameter you might want to add “S”, “M” or “L” as a value for that particular parameter. Press “Save Parameters” to save your selection.multiple3


After you have made this selection, you will now be able to insert a different price, SKU, barcode, quantity, and weight for each specific variant (or option).

  • Manage Picture
    You can change the picture for each variant from the camera icon on the right of your option entry. This allows you to display different pictures for your product; each one targeted to a specific product variant (or option). You can add more than one image per variant if you press the button Ctrl and while holding it click on the chosen images.
  • Quick Filters
    You can select which product variants to display in your editor by using the quick filters options on the top corner of the variants entry.
  • Delete an Option
    To delete an option, click the checkbox to the left of the entry row, and press “Edit Selected“. You can now choose “Delete” to remove this entry from your product listing.


5) You can add more parameter options to each of your variants by repeating the tasks starting from step 2. Below you can see the same product now having not only a size parameter but also a color parameter. multiple5


Now all created product parameters will be available for management in Settings >> Product Parameters. Read more about managing product parameters here.

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