How can I add more Regions to my online store?

Setting up you store regions

CloudCart allows the grouping of countries into regions and the creation of sub-regions, regardless of their geographic location. This helps you to easily set up discounts, taxes, special offers and shipping methods according to your marketing strategy.

Creating regions
1) To create a region, go to Settings >> Regions and press the Add New Region button.
2) In the pop-up window that appears, enter a name for the region and select all the countries to be included in it. Hold the ‘Ctrl’ key to add more than one country.
3) Click Submit.

The newly created regions appear in a list, where you can reorder, delete or edit them.


Creating subregions
You can also add subregions to a previously created region by pressing the + add new region. This will allow you to create, for example, states or cities or even neighborhoods to your current regions. Each new subregion can then have other subregions, essentially allowing you to have a very flexible region maintenance system.

Global identifies the main region for each of the regions that contain sub-regions.

regions2You can change the regional settings of your store in Settings >> General:

  • Store address 
    Enter your business address, by using the available text fields: Country, City, Street, Postal code, and Phone.
  • Standards and formats 
    The section where you set the Timezone, the Unit system, the Date format, the Time format and the Currency.

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