How can I add Etsy as sales channel to my store?

This application will sync your Etsy products and your CloudCart store products. You can push your CloudCart products to Etsy and vise versa. This feature will allow you to sell your products to foreign market. Connect Etsy with your online store, following these simple steps:

1.Enter your control panel and open the Apps section. Choose Etsy and click Intall
2.Continue with the Connect your CloudCart store with Etsy button in order to type your credentials and Allow Access to your account. Now you can start with the main settings of the app.

Use the drop-down menus to choose:

  • your Etsy store, which will be connected to your own store
  • the products are produced by you, collectively or someone else
  • choose the fields would be synchronized. The chosen fields will be synchronized once a week
  • click to activate if all the products are suppliable
  • choose the shipping template and the year of production
  • click on the Add products with “Active” status if you’d like this kind of products from your Etsy store to be able for synchronization

Once you’ve saved the main settings you can edit them anytime with the Configuration button at the top right corner of the page.

Once you’ve connected your online store to your Etsy account, you can start adding products from Etsy to your store and vice versa.

At the Save listings from Etsy section you will see all your listing on Etsy and you can choose a category from your store where the listings should be added.

At the Synchronized products section you can see all the products that are already added to your store from your Etsy listings. The products added from your store to your Etsy account will also be listed at this section.

You can add a product from your store at your Etsy account using the Upload listing in Etsy button

Note that the products you will be able to upload at Etsy are pre-filtered by us to meet the Etsy’s requirements.

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