Adding an interest free leasing discount

If you already have activated some of the leasing payment methods (UniCredit Bulbank Financing or TBI Leasing), you have the option to create a discount on a specific group of products. This way, the products with this type of discount will have a label visualized on them and the customers will be informed which of your products are available to buy with interest-free leasing.

To create this type of discount, you should enter the Discount section at your Contro panel and simply

  1. Click Add discount button and choose Interest-free leasing
  2. Enter a name for this discount – it will be visible only for you, at your Control panel discounts section
  3. Click on the field below Discount target to choose which of your products will have the label ‘0% interest’target-disc
  4. Click on the Leasing institution empty field to choose the one that is activated as the one which offers the 0% interest
  5. On Regions section, you should choose the regions that the discount will be applicable for
  6. On Customer Groups section your should choose if specific groups of customers will be able to see this discountCGroups
  7. On Date range section you should choose a start date for the discount. The end date is not required but if you set it, the discount will be automatically not visible on the set date.

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