Activate Braintree payment method

To activate Braintree payment method, you just need to have a merchant account at Braintree or create such right now. After your account is successfully set up, you can activate Braintree in your store’s control panel with a few clicks.

Log in to your control panel and enter the Settings >> Payments section and select the Configure button next to Braintree.

You will then see a popup window with settings that you need to fill out by taking the data required from your Braintree account.

Once you log in to your Braintree account, navigate to the My user section >> API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys, where you can click on the green button View authorization

After clicking on the button, you will see a list of keys that you need to put at your control panel after pressing the green View button

and copy the Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID ->

After logging in to your store’s control panel, paste these keys in the appropriate fields.

In the payment method settings, you can also fill in the name of the payment method. Your customers will see the name of the payment method at the checkout on your store.

You have the option to upload a different from the default payment method logo and you must choose the currency you will use with this payment method. Once you’re done filling the information needed in the settings section of the payment, you can enable the method in live mode and the settings of the payment would look like this ->

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